Syringe Injector
Injecting Method (Syringe)
  1. Check the cracks’ positions, widths and depths using crack gauge.
  2. Clean the surface and remove any dust or contaminated materials from the concrete surface using scraper and wire brush, and determine the injection method.
  3. Mark the places which will install pedestals. The required number of syringe per one meter depends on the conditions of concrete thickness, width, depth. In most cases, 5~6 syringes per meter is appropriate.
  4. Seal the cracks using epoxy putty (DEP-009) except the marked places.
  5. After applying epoxy putty at the edge of pedestal, attach the pedestals to the marked places, and make sure all cracks covered seamlessly.
  6. DEL-090 is the Double component type epoxy for dry, therefore mix the resin and hardener each other with the accurate ratio of 2:1. The pot life varies depending on the site environment and the material temperature, therefore, check the pot life by mixing the small quantity before mass use.
  7. Suck the mixed epoxy inside syringe (30cc), and mount the syringe into pedestal, and fasten the syringe and pedestal each other using the rubber band. (Start from low area, then go to upper area. Down → Up)
  8. When epoxy is hardened, remove syringes and pedestals, and do the surface finishing work by using the hand grinder.