purchase carbon fiber sheets

purchase carbon fiber sheets

Carbon Fiber Products
Carbon Fiber Rod & Bar
  • Using a proprietary pultrusion process, ConRepair Co,.Ltd supply various Carbon Fiber Rods, Bars, Tubes and Rebars..
  • The shape of the cross section and specifications of Rods, Bars, Tube and Rebars are may manufactured according to customer demand.

Technical & Physical Data
Diameter(mm) Deformed Width(mm) Strength(Mpa) Modulus(Gpa) Strain at Break(%) Length(m)
8 50 > 2,850 > 158 > 1.8 3 or 5
10 70
12 113
16 201
Adhesive HP-57

* We can specially provide Carbonfiber Mesh according to customers demands

Diameter 4-40mm Surface Ribbed/wrapped/sand coated
Tensile Strength 600-1200Mpa Length Customized
Elastic Modulus ≥ 40Gpa Material Fiberglass Roving & Epoxy
Rltimate Shear Strength ≥ 150Mpa
Density 2.1-2.2 g/m3

* Comments: We do customized production as per projects requirement. Produce rebar from 3-40mm diameter at various surface. Customized packing are also available