Injection packer
Injecting Method (Pump)
1. Check crack area and Clean up the surface with wire brush or grinder
2-1. Drill holes near cracks using hammer drill, with 45º angle from surface as image
2-2. To prevent that packers don’t penetrate through a crack as image
2-3. hole positions must be zigzag as image and also make hole distances with every 15~20cm
3. Insert packers into the drilled holes
4. Fasten packers tightly using T-wrench
5. Connect the hose to the piston
6. Pour the Resin to the plastic bottle
7. Connect the grease coupler with the installed packer. (Inject first at low area, and then go to upper area. Down → Up)
8. Push the switch for running machine, and inject PU foam or Epoxy resin into a hole. Start with low pressure, and increase pressure. When PU foam or Epoxy flows out from the cracks, stop injection, and move to another packer, and start injection again.
9. After finishing injection work, remove packers by hitting packers using a hammer. Clean the surface using a scraper or a grinder, and if needed, coat with sealing materials.