(Two-Component Low Viscosity Dry Epoxy Injection Agent)

Product Overview
It is a specialized repair and reinforcement material that is injected to cracks in the various types to keep the initial concrete state by maintaining the best adhesiveness.

- To easily inject by crack width, it is divided into the ultra-low viscosity product, the low viscosity product, the mid-viscosity product and the high viscosity product.
- To control the curing speed, it is divided into the summer product, the spring and fall product and the winter product. Its curing speed can be controlled by the user's requirement.
- When fully hardened after injected, it does not chemically affect the concrete structure and it prevents corrosion on it so highly durable.

 - Crack repair or steel plate reinforcement
 - Bird-caged floor (artificial stone or marble) repair and reinforcement
 - To be injected by using syringe injectors, injection pumps.

Technical & Physical Data