Two Component Type High Strength Polyurethane Water Stop Material

Product Overview
CY-505 is two component type hydrophobic polyurethane resin that cuts off water from cracks and reinforces the maintenance works on concrete structures, subways and tunnels.
It is a low expansion water stop reinforcing agent of which the water reaction expansion ratio is minimized.
Compared to conventional polyurethane water stop materials, it is stronger and its hardened foam is more rigid. It does not generates defects by foam deformation and it provides virtually permanent water stop effect.

- With its low viscosity property, it penetrates into leakage sections in tiny cracks and provides perfect water stop performance.
- After hardened, it provides excellently higher compressive, adhesive and tensile strengths that the mechanical strength of conventional concrete structures.
- Since its pot life is sufficient (about 30-50 minutes) when the base agent and the curing agent are mixed, injector, it can be injected by the single component injector (CY-800 M1/M2, CY-1000).

Areas of application include:
 - Defective concrete (cracked or honeycombed)
 - Tunnels, Dams, Subway(Metro), Sewers, Manholes,

 - Reinforcement of deteriorated concrete structure
 - Repair concrete cracks for water-stop
 - It is possible to use at dry and wet concrete cracks.
 - Deep penetration into finest cracks
 - Inert after curing, no shrinkage
 - Does not create new cracks.

Packing Unit
 Base agent (20kg) and curing agent (20kg)

Technical & Physical Data