Double Component Dry Sealant for Crack and Steel Plate Reinforcement
It is a typical high strength epoxy sealant for concrete structure repair and reinforcement. It is used on the crack sealing for the epoxy injection work, the steel plate reinforcement sealing and the syringe injector pedestal mounting and other multiple sealing works. And, it is highly adhesive to concrete and highly impact resistant.
DEP009, with its outstanding property, is excellently adhesive to a wide variety of materials such as concrete, metal, cement and mortar.
Since it does not run down, it is highly workable on the vertical surface and the ceiling.
When fully hardened, it does not chemically affect the steel reinforcement in the structure or the concrete structure. After hardened, it is free of internal stress so to maintain the stably adhesive structure.
Compared to the cement mortar or the concrete, it exhibits outstanding mechanical strength in every aspect such as compressive strength, the flexural rigidity and the tensile strength.
  • Crack sealing for crack repair, pedestal mounting and steel plate reinforcement sealing
Technical & Physical Data
Mixing Ratio (Base Agent: Curing Agent) 1:1 (Weight Ratio)
Pot Life (25℃) 30-50 min
Curing Time (25℃) After 24 hrs
Viscosity (mPa-s) Paste
Specific Gravity 1.74
Tensile strength 18 N/mm2 (KS F 4923)
Compressive strength 53 N/mm2 (KS M 3015)
Adherence strength 7.6 N/mm2 (KS F 4923)
Packing Unit base agent (10kg) : curing agent (10kg)
Theoretical Consumption Crack Width 0.3mm : 0.2kg/1m
(Differ according to site condition)