Double Component Low Viscosity Dry Epoxy Injection Agent
It is a specialized repair and reinforcement material that is injected to cracks in the various types to keep the initial concrete state by maintaining the best adhesiveness.
To easily inject by crack width, it is divided into the ultra-low viscosity product, the low viscosity product, the mid-viscosity product and the high viscosity product.
To control the curing speed, it is divided into the summer product, the spring and fall product and the winter product. Its curing speed can be controlled by the user’s requirement.
When fully hardened after injected, it does not chemically affect the concrete structure and it prevents corrosion on it so highly durable.
Areas of application include:
  • Crack repair or steel plate reinforcement
  • Bird-caged floor (artificial stone or marble) repair and reinforcement
  • To be injected by using syringe injectors, injection pumps
Technical & Physical Data
Mixing Ratio (Base Agent: Curing Agent) 2:1 (Weight Ratio)
Pot Life (25℃) 30-50 min
Curing Time (25℃) After 24 hrs
Viscosity (mPa-s) 210
Specific Gravity 1.18
Tensile strength 56 N/mm2 (KS F 4923)
Compressive strength 117 N/mm2 (KS M 3015)
Adherence strength 7.5 N/mm2 (KS F 4923)
Injecting Tool Injector, Grease Gun, Injection pump
Packing Unit base agent (10kg) : curing agent (5kg)
Theoretical Consumption Width 0.3mm x Thickness 300mm :
0.15kg/m (Differ according to site condition)