Acrylic grouting
Acrylic Agents
  • Double component type grouting pump with high performance (running by electric motor).
  • Pump discharges with accurate 1:1 mixing ratio.
  • It is developed for using rapidly-hardening type product.
  • It is possible to adjust hardening time by controlling the catalyst amount.
  • It is easy to use and move (portable, 29kg) at job site, and wheel-stopper makes no-move at slope.
  • After using, it is easy cleaning up, just by using water.
  • It is easy to change spare parts.
  • All parts contacting with acryl is made stainless steel.
Technical & Physical Data
Form Liquid Type
Color Transparent
Viscosity (KS M 3705) 1.7 mPa-s
Compressive Strength (KS L 5105) 0.08 N/mm2
Specific Gravity (Cup Method) (KS M 3705) 1.03
Tension-shear adhesive strength 0.84 N/mm2
Tensile Strength (KS F 4923) 0.34 N/mm2
Permeability Coefficient (KS F 2322) Not Permeability
Appearance Colorless and Transparent Jelly
PH (20℃) 7.5~9.5
Gel Time (20℃) 5sec~2 min
Mixing Ratio A agent (20kg) : B agent (20kg) : C catalyst (600g)
Shelf Life 1 year when unopened and undamaged
Storage Condition Store in a dry cool place
Packaging / set A agent (20kg) : B agent (20kg) Catalyst (600g)