Acrylic grouting

Acrylic grouting
Acrylate injection pump
ConRepair - Acrylic grouting
  ACY-800 : Acrylate injection pump
Driving System Electric Motor
Weight 29kg
Size (L x W x H) 470mm x 430mm x 650mm
Power AC220V 1.1KW
Mixture Ratio 1:1
Hose length 8m x 2
Tank 10L x 2
Discharge Pressure Max. 300kgf / kgf/cm2G
(Recommend under 100 kgf/cm2)
Discharge Volume 1L~1.5L/min
Mixing ratio of acryl rear-side grouting agent
ConRepair – injection
Amount of accelerant (%) Hardening Time
80g (0.40%) 1m30s±10s
160g (0.80%) 50s±10s
320g (1.60%) 25s±10s
640g (3.20%) 8s±5s
800g (4.00%) 5s±2s
Note: The amount of accelerant may vary depending on the temperature.
  • Water-proof grouting work for underground structure (Subway, tunnel, parking lot, manhole, etc)
  • Water-proof work for civil structure such as dam, etc
  • Water-proof work for the ground of concrete structure
  • Water-proof work for leaking area of underground structure
  • Water-proof work for constructed joint area and cracked area
Characteristic of acryl rear grouting agent
- Safety:
Acryl rear grouting agent does not generate harmful gas when hardened, and it is safe as product does not contain any flammable material
- Workability:
Having low viscosity, it shows excellent performance especially in case of minute crack work, and even in case of work for the area where water pressure is high, unequalled construction quality can be realized, compared with existing waterproof agent, because hardening time can be adjusted.
- Jellify:
Re-water leakage can be prevented fundamentally by making water into gel that is collected in pore of rear side or flowing through.
- Adhesiveness:
Having excellent property of high elasticity and adhesiveness, water proofing effect can be expected which lasts for a long time after work.
- Coefficient of expansion:
Having excellent coefficient of expansion, it can eliminate post-work defect factor caused by vibration to structure, etc.
- Durability:
This hardened product has excellent durability because it does not cause any hydrolysis phenomenon.
Application Method
1. Drill holes:
check the cracks and drill holes to the rear side of the concrete structure, and clean the holes by air-compressor
2. Installing packers:
insert packers into holes, and fasten packers tightly using T-wrench
3. Pour A agent into Tank A
4. Add catalyst at A agent, and mix each other using a stick.
5. Pour B agent into Tank B
6. Checking hardening time (a):
pour each agent at each paper-cup
7. Checking hardening time (b):
mix together with a 1:1. mix ratio.
8. Checking hardening time (c):
if hardening time is long, increase the catalyst in order to shorten.
9. Connect hoses to pistons
10. Connect the acryl gun with hose
11.Connect the acryl gun with installed packers
12. Turn the power switch on for running machine, and inject the acrylic resin into every holes
13. After finishing injection, remove packers using a hammer
14. Clean the holes/crack areas, and coat the sealing material
Construction Drawing